Some of Jim's high school friends at the memorial service:
Tom Field, Ray Moreno, Bob Field, Connie Stafford Van Horn, Charlie Hass, Shirley Foster Hass, Shirley McFarland Tardie

The church in Tustin was about the size of Fullerton's Methodist Church and was filled with his friends from work, church and the Lions Club. I sat in the last row in the filled balcony.
Bob Field was one of the speakers and told about his meeting Jim their freshman year at Fullerton Union High School in 1949 and having a great time together for the next 4 years. They were room mates at Berkeley their freshman year and remained friends for life, taking many trips together with their families.
Gary Johnson, Patti Quist Johnson, Maureen Conner and her husband
Hugh Hill and Shirley McFarland Tardie
Patti Quist Johnson and Shirley Foster Hass
Shirley Foster Hass and Gary Johnson
Patti Quist Johnson and Ray Moreno
Shirley McFarland and Connie
Charlie Hass and Shirley McFarland Tardie
Theo Dwinell also attended the memorial.
I went to Leland's visitation, but none of his relatives showed up during the hour I was there. I went to the funeral the next day hoping to speak to a brother or sister to let them know that our class had a message about his death on the class site and to find out where some of them were, but I got to speak to only a grandson as I had to get to work and couldn't stay after the service. I gave the grandson a note with the class web site address and my e-mail address, but I never heard anything from him.

Leland had attended the 2002 Pow Wow luncheon, but I didn't recognize him as he was very ill (dying only several weeks after the luncheon) and I didn't talk with him. We hope he found some old friends and had a good time.
(I just received a nice note from Leland's daughter thanking me  for attending the funeral and for mentioning her father on the web site.)
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